Our Team

Our core team was formed by enthusiastic PhD students from the leading technical university at Budapest, BME. During our studies within the EIT Digital Doctoral School, we got inspired to start a business based on our sound technological knowledge in order to make an impact to the ICT innovation of the world.

Udo Bub, PhD

Chairman of the Board

Udo is the managing director of adesso Hungary and the charmain of LeanNet. He in an experienced C-level executive who had held senior management positions (CEO, Vice President or Director) at research and innovation institutions like EIT ICT Labs Germany, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories, and EIT Digital. Udo is also an Associate Professor of Innovation and Information Systems Engineering at the Faculty of Informatics at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE).

Péter Megyesi, PhD

Co-founder, CTO

After two years as a network system engineer, Péter decided to pursue a PhD degree in telecommunication at BME. He spent six years in researching the upcoming networking technologies and now he is dedicated to bring these trends to the market. He recently defended his PhD thesis at both BME and EIT Digital. Péter has a Certified Kubernetes Administrator certification. Currently he is responsible for finding the right technological directions for LeanNet.

Dávid Szabó, PhD

Co-founder, Senior Software Engineer

Dávid has recently finished his PhD in telecommunication at BME. Since he also finished the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Doctoral School organized by EIT Digital, he decided to switch into business and co-found LeanNet together with Péter. Dávid is now both a Certified Kubernetes Administrator and a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer. Currently he is responsible for business and software development of LeanNet.

Attila Csoma

Senior Software Engineer

Attila previously worked with Big Data and Hadoop at Hortonworks. Now he decided to work together with Péter and Dávid to raise LeanNet's productivity to a new level. Currently he is responsible for software development. In his spare time he also working on his PhD in telecommunication at BME.

Tutkovics András

DevOps Engineer

András is now finishing his master's degree at BME, making him our youngest member with a lot of motivations. He has a strong knowledge of Kubernetes operators and the resource consumption+scaling comes from his thesis. Currently, he's helping to upgrade the used technology of Allianz Hungary. In his free time, he likes to develop in both the professional part and the soft-skill.

Dominik Táskai

DevOps Engineer

Dominik is graduated at the University of Pécs. He started his career as a Software Tester and while doing his studies he focused on Software Development, primarily in Go. Since he joined to LeanNet he participated in projects where actively participated in Microservice development and CICD implementation. Currently he working on data pipeline implementation in AWS. He also passed Certified Kubernetes Administrator and Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist exams.