Your Guide Into The Cloud Native Era

The IT industry is on the verge of fundamental change. Although, the major distribution of the market was introduced about a decade ago as cloud providers started to emerge, only in the recent years we have the necessary open source tooling to take every enterprise to the next level in IT performance.

Thanks to the initiatives like the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Linux Foundation, commercial open source software tools are now leading the innovation in many areas of the industry (e.g. container orchestration, monitoring, service communication, CI/CD), and thus their adaptation is even outperforming vendor specific solutions. Kubernetes has certainly become the most popular container-orchestration framework since it helps engineers build, scale and manage state-of-the-art applications throughout their entire lifecycles. Kubernetes future-proofs application development and infrastructure management on-premises or in the cloud, without vendor or cloud-provider lock-in.

Meanwhile, microservices become the fundamental way for creating large and complex applications. By decoupling giant monolithic codebase into loosely coupled smaller service components you can achieve i) 10-200x faster code delivery, ii) zero downtime during upgrades, iii) 10-60x less failures during deployments and iv) 30-150x faster mean time to recover from failures. Moreover, the individual service pieces can be written in any language that fits the given task, which can help you diversify your development teams and enable easier talent recruitment.

Finally, DevOps transformation is a key enabler to becoming a high performance organization. DevOps is becoming a cultural and professional movement to evolve a traditional enterprise into a learning organization. If you want to successfully implement a DevOps strategy, you need to be ready for structural changes in your organization such as i) breaking down department silos, ii) implementing high trust and low process with freedom and responsibility and iii) introduce a blameless culture.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to help our partners in implementing an efficient, smooth and fast transition into the Cloud Native Era.

Cloud Native transformation requires a careful design process, and our experienced team is ready to help. Due to the sheer number of available tools in the Cloud Native landscape it is especially hard to find the right component for building a complete stack. We offer a comprehensive consultancy service during which we do not forcing opinionated or vendor proprietary solutions, but rather we analyze the existing IT infrastructure and jointly select and build the best possible cloud native stack together with our clients.

Cloud Native transformation requires substantial changes in your organization. To implement a successful DevOps strategy you need to break down department silos, re-organize your project teams into product/service teams and introduce a high trust and blameless culture. Our team is ready to guide you through such transformation process.

Moreover, by introducing the cutting edge of Cloud Native tools your team would need the necessary knowledge transfer in order to work the most efficient way. Our team is formed by experienced ex-academic lecturers therefore they are ready to educate your team with the fundamental Cloud Native skills.

By implementing a novel Cloud Native platform in your enterprise, your development team can focus only on what matters to your business: evolve your applications. In case you do not want to worry about the platform in which your apps are running, you can outsource the implementation and maintenance of that. Our team members are certified to provide such services to your enterprise.