why us?

LeanNet is the perfect partner to introduce any enterprise into the future of networking



Next generation networks for enterprises with flexible, vendor independent building blocks that enables rapid service provisioning, modern network monitoring, extreme performance and scaling together with drastically improved TCO.



Unifying the power of Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization and Cloud Solutions using openly designed bare metal hardware guarantees a completely transparent enterprise networking than expensive proprietary solutions.



The next generation networking devices can be integrated in small building blocks which can operate seamlessly with traditional boxes. Step by step our design can take over the entire network for exploiting the full potential of the architecture.

our services

LeanNet provides all the necessary steps towards optimal enterprise networking by removing the limitations of traditional networking in the following fields:

Service provisioning

Translating business polices into IT policies is a non-trivial issue in current networks due to the heterogeneity of devices, the required professional knowledge to configure and maintain them properly, and the continuous change of the infrastructure

Business scaling

Planning the scale-up and scale-down of the product on business demand is especially hard due to the diversity and high cost of network hardware devices

Business innovation

Evaluating new network services is very hard since the features are coupled into the hardware elements which is dependent on the vendors' development cycle

Security management

Synchronizing the different devices (routers, firewalls, VPN gateways, etc.) that are required to cooperate with each other in order to answer nowadays security challenges is difficult and error-prone

Visibility and ease-of-management

Lacking of single logical view of the whole network is a real pain since performance, configuration and fault management are only incrementally improved since the '90s


The networking industry is on the verge of fundamental change due to the newest trends in cloud solutions and internet of things. Proprietary devices from incumbent vendors have developed too slowly in the past two decades to keep up with the upcoming changes. As a solution our technology experts can design you a brand new network architecture based on open networking solutions which is ready for the upcoming changes and provides flexible high-speed networking for significantly lower TCO.


Our company has relationship with next generation hardware vendors who provides the networking devices for the cloud infrastructure of Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Together with our system integrator partner we are ready to install the designed infrastructure into your site at any given time period.


The designed next generation networking architecture provides the opportunity to define the network control policy in a centralized software entity. As such we are ready to adjust the entire network for your unique business case and deliver customized upgrades within a matter of few days. This flexibility would be impossible with current networking solutions.

our team

LeanNet was founded by two PhD candidates from BME who got inspired during their studies at EIT Digital Doctoral School

After two years as a network system engineer, Péter decided to pursue a PhD degree in telecommunication at BME. He spent five years in researching the upcoming networking technologies and now he is dedicated to bring these trends to the market. Currently he is responsible for business development and strategic planning of LeanNet.


Dávid is currently finishing his PhD in telecommunication at BME. Since he also finished the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Doctoral School organised by EIT Digital, he decided to switch into business and co-found LeanNet together with Péter. Currently he is responsible for technology and software development of LeanNet.

our partners

LeanNet has an extensive background for helping with business development, technological soundness and system integration

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